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Additional capacity delivers >5000UPH throughput with 24-hour operation for volume bare die sort / pick & place.

Get part number quotes, check stock quantities and use our parametric search to specify your components.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Bare Die MOSFETs & Schottky Diodes from GeneSiC deliver industry leading performance.

The Power MOSFET die range from Analog Power Inc. covers a broad spectrum of low & high voltage products.

Defining SiP (System-In-Package) together with some considerations for easier design process.



The advantages and disadvantages of using bare die to build MCMs (Multiple-Chip-Modules)


MCM | Ceramic

Mechanical specification of a bare die and how a bare die can be modified to suit a specific application.


Mechanical | SiP | MCM | Hybrid

The pros and cons of using bare die to build MCMs (Multiple-Chip-Modules)


MCM | Plastic