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View our current Power MOSFET bare die range

The Power MOSFET die range from Analog Power Inc. covers a broad spectrum of low & high voltage products.

Die Devices is pleased to announce our partnership with Analog Power for support of Power MOSFET bare die products.  Analog Power was established in 2002 to specifically focus on power management and is dedicated to MOSFET products.  Analog Power is an international vendor having locations in  USA (San Jose, California), Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Analog Power's die products are fabricated to the same quality and reliability levels of larger semiconductor companies and benefit from an undiluted engineering focus and technical resources 100% committed to MOSFET technology.

Unlike other larger semiconductor vendors, where volume needs of the package discrete business are prioritised over support of the product in bare die form, Analog Power treat the MOSFET bare die format equally in importance as the packaged discrete.  Access to product is flexible with factory MOQs which suit the project need.  Conversely when volumes ramp, economies of scale, usage of leading processes and fab production still ensure that product is competitively priced.  As there is no link between package part sales and bare die sales volume, the risk of commercial obsolescence impacting wafer availability is lower and only genuine technology obsolescence means a part can't physically be supported.  For longer term projects the technology obsolescence rate is very low with many old programs still being supported by older processes such as Planar MOSFET.


Product summary available in bare die  


N - Low Voltage (<=75V)

N - High Voltage (>75V)

P - Low Voltage (<=75V)

P - High Voltage (>75V)

VDS 16V to 75V

 VDS  80V to 800V

VDS -12V to -60V

VDS -80V to -250V

 ID 0.32A to 500A

ID 0.39A to 200A

ID -0.5A to -55A

 ID -0.2A to -55A

RDS(ON) => 1.5mΩ

RDS(ON) >= 4.5mΩ

RDS(ON) >= 2.5mΩ

RDS(ON) >=11.2mΩ


Please use our Parametric Search Tool or select a part from the product family list.




Summary technical benefits:

  1. Choice of passivated or unpassivated wafers
  2. Characterisation or electrical selection on request e.g. RDS(ON) @ specific voltage
  3. Fast response technical support.


Summary commercial benefits:

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity for prototyping
  • Ease of availability for die drawings
  • Policy of low obsolescence and support for older fab processes.