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We are looking for new partners

Diedevices is a worldwide support platform for development of applications and products using bare die. We operate both as a specialist bare die distributor and also as technical representative.

If you are interested in becoming a product or supply chain partner please see below for some of the features and benefits. We look forward to hearing from you!

Semiconductor die vendors

Technical Marketing & Promotion:

  • Products included in Parametric Part Selector and BOM generator tools
  • Targeted exposure to project designers and engineers interested in building using bare die
  • Optimised web presence, dedicated page per die product
  • Featured product campaigns for focus products or technologies
  • Application/Solution specific campaigns integrating complimentary technologies.

Fulfillment & business management:

  • Single point of management through prototype, optimisation and production supply
  • In-house wafer processing + test to supplement wafer backend and to enable support of product in the bare die form
  • Rationalisation of fragmented or sporadic die product requests into a focused revenue stream.
  • Qualification of world wide bare die opportunities without long chains of internal communication and overhead cost.

Supply Chain Design & Assembly partners

  • Improved integration in the design eco-system
  • Ease of enablement for early stage bare die concepts = more projects
  • Efficient kick-start of projects from concept to design and production
  • Exposure to project designers and engineers interested in building using bare die
  • Streamlined process flow to simplify and increase business