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Long term & legacy bare die applications

We offer a number of services to assist in providing support for existing long term and legacy bare die applications.

If you have an existing bare die application we are able to offer a number of services to help you manage your project.

We offer:

Product sourcing

 If you are looking to source one or more existing die component(s) we are able to offer a full range of stock and services. Please register to use our parametric search tool to find your components and then review our services in terms of wafer dicing, wafer and die testing and picking/handling.   

Die re-engineering

 Re-engineering a die is an option usually triggered by the original die having gone obsolete with no other means of supply. The typical process and the technologies supported are discussed in our re-engineering service page.

Obsolete stock

Applications that need very long term support ultimately may have to rely on component supply past the point of obsolescence. We can help in prolonging support for these applications and associated spares & repair contracts please refer to our obsolete stock sourcing page.

Cross referencing 

Cross-referencing a bare die is usually done when supply of the original is exhausted due to end of life, obsolescence,  knowledge of finite stocks or economics. For a full explanation refer to our cross referencing service page.


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