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Full Bridge FET Gate Driver bare die leverages SOI process

SOI FET Gate Driver for Full-Bridge / H-Bridge & Motor Control applications enhances performance + reliability.

About the SiS4080A

This N-Channel MOSFET driver combines an input comparator to facilitate “hysteresis” with PWM operation to drive high frequency Full Bridge / H-Bridge topologies. A HEN (high enable) signal freewheels current in the lower MOSFETs whilst maintaining the upper MOSFETs in off state.  Switching frequency >1MHz enables efficient drive of Switching Power Supplies, Switching Amplifiers & Voice Coil Motors.  A single device can drive medium voltage brush motors & x2 devices can drive high performance stepper motors by translating short minimum “on-time” into precision micro-step capability. Propagation delays of ~55ns allow maximum calibration of control loop crossover frequency & dead-times, which adjust close to zero for minimal distortion & precision load control.

Produced by Silicon Supplies Ltd (SiS) using a unique SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) design process, this bare die is a ruggedized electrical upgrade & direct replacement for the industry standard HIP4080, HIP4080A, HIP4080AIY or HIP4080AIW.


SiS4080A design improvements:

  • Latchup free operation via horizontal and vertical dielectric isolation
  • Reduced leakage current for improved power consumption
  • Lower parasitic capacitance for reduced propagation delay and increased device speed
  • Operational frequency capability ≥ 1MHz 
  • Greater stability and inherent reliability at higher temperature without derating.



  • Medium/Large Voice Coil Motors
  • Switching Power Amplifiers
  • DC/DC & high performance AC/DC converters
  • Stepper Motor Controls
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Battery Powered Vehicles
  • H-Bridge Power Supplies & UPS
  • Noise Cancellation Systems
  • Industrial Lamp loads
  • Brushed Motors
  • Peripherals.


The device is primarily available in bare die but can also be assembled into 20 lead SOIC, PDIP or other customer specific packages on request.


Please see SiS4080A for the complete product page and full bare die datasheet.


About Silicon Supplies (SiS)

Silicon Supplies ( is a solution based provider of Silicon Discrete and IC (Integrated Circuit) bare die for use in niche trailing edge and leading edge applications.  Established in 2011 the company applies technical support + engineering focus to solve supply chain problems and enable new product innovations.  Serving a broad variety of markets including Aerospace & Defense, Space, Medical and Industrial, their combination of specialist and standard products can provide a long term fully supported solution for the entire life of the program.