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Who we are and what we do

Our company was founded in 2011 by Graham White, a former hybrid circuit engineer and quality manager with over 40 years industry experience. We draw on heritage both as a former users and suppliers of bare die products and combine that with creative thinking, constant innovation and customer commitment. Our focused team are experienced individuals with a global goal; to innovate, revolutionize and encourage greater support and usage of bare die components.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide a working environment for electronic engineers to select suitable bare die components for their designs. Both electrical performance & commercial availability
  • To provide engineers responsive technical support at design and component selection stages
  • To provide a reliable high quality source of bare die supply from first prototypes, tape-outs and into volume production
  • To provide an on-going point of technical support throughout the program life and effectively deploy our die processing resources as needed.
  • To provide creative technical solutions in the event of component obsolescence or via management of long term programs.
  • To partner with like-minded semiconductor companies focused on the customer and with a commitment to supporting the bare die format.

Our Goals

  • Achieve a level of standardization across what is perceived as a niche non-standard product
  • Help engineers use die to innovate and develop products with a competitive market edge  
  • Empower and support growth in use of the bare die format globally and across all industries
  • Promote increased integration of products at a modular or system level by going to die level.

Our Core Values

  • Quality comes first
  • Customers are our focus
  • Our people are our strength
  • Continuous improvement and creative innovation
  • Partners with a similar mindset.