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Bare Die Product Detail: PGA309

Temperature & Pressure Programmable Signal Conditioner:
PGA309 Voltage Output Programmable Sensor Conditioner
Texas Instruments
  Electrical Datasheet

Die Physical Data:
Footprint: 8.013mm² (12420mil²)
  Request Pad Layout
Product Families: Used for this device are tabulated below.
  • Bits:   n/a
  • Interface: UART
  • Input Channels: 2
VS (Min): 2.7V
VS (Max): 5V
SR(Max):   n/a
Other Detail: Important information for this device is tabulated below.
Traffic light setting for Minimum Order Quantity indicates the following:
  • Green:Available from stock or at low factory MOQ.
  • Amber: Available on factory order with MOQ.
  • Red: High factory MOQ may apply, please ask for details.
Traffic light setting for High Reliability indicates the following:
  • Green: Available as a qualified High Reliability die from the manufacturer, please ask for specification.
  • Amber: Testing & qualification by Die Devices with warranty and certification (no OEM warranty), please ask for details.
  • Red: Available as a commercial grade die only.
Traffic light setting for Space Grade indicates the following:
  • Green: A die designed for Space is available from the manufacturer, please ask for specification.
  • Amber: Available in a Space qualified package and may be available as a die, please ask for details.
  • Red: Not available in Space qualified form. Available via 3rd party testing only, please ask for details.

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