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Bare Die Product Detail: SiS4080A

Full-Bridge Driver:
80V/2.6A Peak Full Bridge FET Driver with Charge Pump & Comparator. Switch frequency >1MHz enables drive of Voice Coil Motors, Switching Power Amplifiers & Power Supplies. Brushed + Stepper Motors can be driven via Single/Dual configs respectively.
Produced using a unique SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) design, this device is a ruggedized electrical upgrade of the industry standard HIP4080A. The SiS4080A is specified for high reliability & enhanced performance over temperature.
  • Latchup free operation via all-around dielectric isolation
  • Reduced leakage current & parasitic capacitance for improved power consumption & higher speed
  • Enhanced stability at high temperature
  • N-Channel FET full bridge with high side chop capability
  • Built-in hysteresis comparator assists Voice Coil Motor Drive & Audio Amplifier applications
  • Maximum bootstrap supply voltage 95VDC
  • 1000pF load drive at >1MHz, tr / tf = 10ns
  • User-programmable dead time
  • Charge-pump & bootstrap maintain upper bias supplies
  • DIS (Disable) pin pulls gates low
  • Input logic thresholds interface 5V to 15V logic levels
  • Very low power consumption
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Wide automotive temperature range
  • Improved replacement for HIP4080, HIP4080A, HIP4080AIY or HIP4080AIW
  • Applications:

    • Medium/Large Voice Coil Motors
    • Switching Power Amplifiers
    • DC/DC & high performance AC/DC converters
    • Stepper Motor Control
    • Audio Amplifiers
    • Battery Powered Vehicles
    • H-Bridge Power Supplies & UPS
    • Noise Cancellation Systems
    • Industrial Lamp loads
    • Brushed Motors
    • Peripherals.
Silicon Supplies
  Electrical Datasheet

Die Physical Data:
Footprint: 7.520mm² (11656.424mil²)
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Product Families: Used for this device are tabulated below.
  • I/P Level: 3.3V/TTL
  • Charge Pumps: 2
VB: 95V
VS (Max): 15V
IO+: 2.6A
IO-: 2.4A
tON: 70ns
tOFF: 50ns
tr: 10ns
tf: 10ns
Other Detail: Important information for this device is tabulated below.
Traffic light setting for Minimum Order Quantity indicates the following:
  • Green:Available from stock or at low factory MOQ.
  • Amber: Available on factory order with MOQ.
  • Red: High factory MOQ may apply, please ask for details.
Traffic light setting for High Reliability indicates the following:
  • Green: This bare die is specified and tested for use in high reliability applications.
  • Amber: This bare die can meet higher reliability specifications with additional testing & qualification, please ask for details.
  • Red: This bare die is not specified or specifically designed for use in high reliability applications.
Traffic light setting for Space Grade indicates the following:
  • Green: This bare die is qualified for space applications or has space level qualification data, please ask for details.
  • Amber: This bare die can be specified for space applications with additional testing and qualification, please ask for details.
  • Red: Suitability of this bare die for space applications is unknown and requires further qualification, please ask for details.

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