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Continued bare die support for Fairchild Zener Diodes

A range of former Fairchild branded Zener Bare Die Products were made obsolete due to commercial & operational re-alignment under new ownership. However, in response to customer and market needs we are providing continued support of these die via our franchised supplier, Silicon Supplies (SiS). These Zener Bare Die from Silicon Supplies are electrically and mechanically identical, enabling continuation for customers already using these die in long term applications.

Below provides information on our continued support for obsoleted Fairchild Zener Diodes in die form.

Included ranges:

5% tolerance of zener voltage (tighter tolerances are available on specific request)

BZX55 series from 3.3V to 33V

BZX84 series from 3.3V to 33V

BZX85 series from 3.3V to 33V


Mechanical & Electrical Specification of obsoleted Fairchild Zener Bare Die continued by Silicon Supplies (SiS)


Fairchild Zener Bare die

Click here for continued BZX55 series family 

Click here for continued BZX84 & BZX85 series family 


About Silicon Supplies (SiS):

Silicon Supplies is a bare die solution provider focused on speciality support of long term bare die applications.  Our technical solutions address both trailing edge and leading edge requirements with emphasis on high reliability, stability of supply, long term availability and quantity flexibility that typical bare die users require.  See Silicon Supplies for more details.