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Bare Die Product Detail: SFM47000GCANHWS

Single Value 1kΩ - 999kΩ:
The SFM47000GCANHWS is a 4.7kΩ, 2.0% tolerance, ±50 ppm/°C TCR wirebondable chip resistor suited for use in hybrid circuits & multi-chip-modules (MCM). The device is 100% electrically tested & visually inspected to MIL-STD-883/TM2032.
This 4.7k Ohm low temperature coefficient chip resistor features aluminum metalized bond pads for wire bond flexibility.
  • Noise, MIL-STD-202\TM308:   -35dB typ.
  • Moisture resistance, MIL-STD-202\TM106:   ± 0.5% max.△R/R
  • Stability, 1000 h, +125°C, 125 mW:   ± 0.25% max.△R/R
  • Operating temperature range:   -55°C to +150°C
  • Thermal shock, MIL-STD-202\TM107F:   ± 0.25% max.△R/R
  • High temperature exposure, +150°C, 100h:   ± 0.5% max.△R/R
  • Dielectric voltage breakdown:   200V
  • Insulation resistance:   1012Ω min.
  • Operating Voltage:   100V max.
  • DC power rating at +70°C (derated to zero at +175°C):   0.250W
  • 5x rated power short-time overload, +25°C, 5s:   ± 0.25% max.△R/R
  Electrical Datasheet

Die Physical Data:
Footprint: 0.258mm² (400.000mil²)
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Product Families: Used for this device are tabulated below.
  • Pad Metal: Al
  • Back Metal: None
  • Supply Format: Waffle Pack
Resistance: 4.700
Tolerance: 2.0%
Temp. Coefficient: ±50ppm/°C
Visual Grade:
Other Detail: Important information for this device is tabulated below.
Traffic light setting for Minimum Order Quantity indicates the following:
  • Green:Available from stock or at low factory MOQ.
  • Amber: Available on factory order with MOQ.
  • Red: High factory MOQ may apply, please ask for details.
Traffic light setting for High Reliability indicates the following:
  • Green: This bare die is specified and tested for use in high reliability applications.
  • Amber: This bare die can meet higher reliability specifications with additional testing & qualification, please ask for details.
  • Red: This bare die is not specified or specifically designed for use in high reliability applications.
Traffic light setting for Space Grade indicates the following:
  • Green: This bare die is qualified for space applications or has space level qualification data, please ask for details.
  • Amber: This bare die can be specified for space applications with additional testing and qualification, please ask for details.
  • Red: Suitability of this bare die for space applications is unknown and requires further qualification, please ask for details.

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