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Our bare die supply platform reduces time to market and improves engineering productivity

We simplify the bare die supply process by combining parameter selection with die availability. This enables a single platform for project design and bare die purchase with on-going technical + commercial support.

Working closely with our vendors, customers and bare die supply chain we provide a one-stop-shop to select and purchase bare die that benefits both technical and commercial departments.  We consider ourselves part of your design team and understand that your success means our success.

Bare Die Supply By Technical Selection

To purchase bare die for your application using technical specification or electrical parameters please register to use our parametric search.  Once registered you can manage and add components to your own bare die projects.  Projects or bill of materials may be sent to us with one click for quotation.  Multiple die projects can be created and managed simultaneously.

For those projects which require hi-rel grades of bare die e.g. for high temperature or space level applications, there are indicators of the pedigree of bare die available for purchase.

Also included in the parametric search is a guide to indicate minimum order quantity position.  This may be of assistance to engineers with a specific budget or needing to purchase low quantities of bare die at short lead-time for first prototype orders.

Please note:

Whilst the range in the parametric search is growing in size all the time, it cannot contain every possible bare die product. Therefore any product or functionality not found inside the parametric search may still be available in die form.  

In these cases please contact us directly with your request.  

We work based on:

  • Electrical specification, both functional and parametric input
  • System concept - Where the base level functions to complete a system solution are not yet identified
  • Part number - Support of the  request part where available or closest cross-reference using datasheet and essential parameters.

We are working continuously to improve user experience in the parametric search tool.  Feedback or recommendations for improvement are appreciated.

We also supply bare die in all industry recognized formats and can mechanically modify bare die to suit specific applications.

Bare Die Supply By Part Number Selection

We support and recognize all industry standard part numbers.

Many common functions are stocked for fast dispatch and low minimum order quantities.

Concept bill of materials can be reviewed free of charge for bare die viability and availability.

Whatever the request and whether the part is active or obsolete we will usually be able to offer a product.

If a part is not available then we will cross-reference using the datasheet and essential parameters to support your program or offer other technical solutions.

Bare Die Supply Formats

Tens of thousands of bare die are kept in stock for fast delivery.

Every industry standard is supported and customized setups are available on request.


 Bare die supplied in unsawn wafer formBare die supplied as sawn wafer on tapeBare die supplied in waffle pack trayBare die supplied placed in Gel-PakBare die placed in tape and reel.  Pocket tape, Surftape or blister tape.